BLOG: The Hard Stuff

BLOG: The Hard Stuff

Limestone and Granite

Spring has sprung and with it comes great demand for new paving, driveways and terraces. In recent years sandstone has been very popular, however limestone and granite are becoming increaslingly popular too.Like plants paving adds texture, pattern and colour and each type of natural stone will have its own unique qualities and beauty. 

Natural stone has a quality that surpasses anything man made so it is no surprise that most consumers choose it for their gardens. So which to choose for a project and how would you recommend it to your client?

Much of the decision will lie with is being built - a terrace? path? driveway? Both granite and limestone have excellent hard wearing qualities and are equally durable and versatile. So, often it is down to personal taste and the budget.

Elegant, Stylish, Modern

Granite has more of a grainy appearance than limestone and is available in varying shades of grey and on occasions pinkish hues.It is an elegant stone that will enhance either a traditional or a modern garden.It is generally more evenly coloured than many of the natural stones.


Smoothly does it 


Limestone, though mainly white does also come in different colours, which are created by inpurities in the stone and these can range from grey, blue-black to hints of yellow brown. Limestone has a very smooth finish which makes it ideal for a more contemporary look and works very well for both large and small patios, courtyard gardens or even a swimming pool surround. Its fine grain makes it easier to cut to shape than granite. It has a textured feel although the surface is unlike the riven surface of sandstone.Perhaps the only restriction apart from budget is to take in to consideration the surrounding area and style of the house before deciding on paving for your project.


Give it some thought

Finally, next time you lay limestone give a thought to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Eygpt, which is made entirely of limestone!

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Posted by Tina Abbey
20th April 2018

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