BLOG: How to Lay Stepping Stones

BLOG: How to Lay Stepping Stones

How to Lay Stepping stones

 A stepping stone path can be an attractive feature in it’s own right. If you find your lawn suffering from constant wear or bare patches, than stepping stones set in the ground at regular paced-out intervals can be an inexpensive solution. 

You will need:

  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Garden Fork
  3. Garden Spade
  4. Rubber Mallet
  5. Straight Edge
  6. Sharp Sand


1. Lay the stones out so that you can walk comfortably on them without over-stretching. Score or mark around the stones and loosen the compacted earth with a fork. 
2. Dig a neat hole for each of your stepping stones approximately an inch deeper than the height of the stone. Spread an even layer of sharp sand in the hole so that the stone sits slightly lower than the surrounding soil. Tap down firmly with the mallet avoiding hitting directly on the edges.
3. Place your straight edge over the stone to check that it is slightly lower than the level of the lawn. This ensures that the blades of your lawnmower will be able to clear the stone
4. If there are any gaps around the stone then gently sieve some soil around the edges and push down well with your fingers. Over time the grass will gradually come back or you could  always seed any bare patches to hurry things along!

If in constant use is likely to wear bare patches in a lawn, stepping-stones can be an inexpensive and quick solution!

Posted by Tina Abbey
8th October 2018

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