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Soil Conditioner Bulk Bag
Soil Conditioner Bulk Bag
Our composted soil conditioner will really give your plants a boost as it has been shown to: Improve root growth Improve disease resistance Increase water retention Reduce soil temperatures Increase microbial activity Lightly fork the conditioner into the surface of the soil or rotovate in for a better effect. Supplied in 0.75 cubic m. bag. Approx. weight: 850kg
£31.99 inc VAT
Warm Sunshine Chunkies Bulk BagWarm Sunshine Chunkies Bulk Bag
Warm Sunshine Chunkies Bulk Bag
20-50mm chunky golden type stone. FISH FRIENDLY Size: 20-50mm Supplied in a Bulk Bag approximately 0.7 cubic m.
£99.99 inc VAT

Yorkshire Cream Bulk BagYorkshire Cream Bulk Bag
Yorkshire Cream Bulk Bag
15-25mm creamy stone. The original Yorkshire blend of creamy shades that look soft in the sun and stunning in the rain. Size: 15-25mm Supplied in a Bulk Bag. Approximately 0.7 cubic m. bulk bag = 12-15 sq.m at 50mm depth
£89.99 inc VAT
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