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Corten Garden Orb Sculpture 40cmCorten Garden Orb Sculpture 40cm
Corten Garden Orb Sculpture 40cm
Looking for an individual piece of rustic artwork? Look no further- these orbs have been hand crafted and configured into these effective and interesting pieces.
£19.99 inc VAT

Corten Plant Pot HolderCorten Plant Pot Holder
Corten Plant Pot Holder
This quirky planter, complete with little bird and rustic effect with four plant containers is perfect for trailing or bedding plants.
£22.99 inc VAT
Corten Suitcase PlantersCorten Suitcase Planters
Corten Suitcase Planters
Are your pansies ready for Summer holiday? Why not pack them into this stylish suitcase planter with vintage effect and rustic finish. Dimensions: Small: H 43cm, W 35cm, L 18cm Large: H 50cm, W 42cm, L 22cm
£65.99 inc VAT

Larkspur Stem LargeLarkspur Stem Large
£79.99 inc VAT
Larkspur Stem SmallLarkspur Stem Small
Larkspur Stem Small
Effective wrought metal showstoppers are guaranteed to impress, with a substantial height these plants look great all year round and are great architectural pieces for your garden. Available in different sizes and rustic styles.
£69.99 inc VAT

Rusty Revival Fox
Rusty Revival Fox
Rustic metal finish fox silhoutte. Perfect to place in a border or the bottom of your lawn!
£39.99 inc VAT
Rusty Revival Medium Pig
Rusty Revival Medium Pig
Add a country feel to your garden with this rustic metal finish pig.
£24.99 inc VAT

£29.99 inc VAT