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Dorset Furniture CollectionDorset Furniture Collection
Dorset Furniture Collection
The Dorset Farmhouse collection is a charming and comfortable outdoor lounge set. Made from white-wash finish eucalyptus.
£999.00 inc VAT
Eucalyptus Queen BenchEucalyptus Queen Bench
Eucalyptus Queen Bench
White-was effect eucalyptus Queen Bench.
£117.59 inc VAT

Eucalyptus Rocking ChairEucalyptus Rocking Chair
Eucalyptus Rocking Chair
White-wash effect eucalyptus Rocking Chair.
£164.69 inc VAT
Eucalyptus Tea TrayEucalyptus Tea Tray
Eucalyptus Tea Tray
White-was effect eucalyptus tea tray.
£58.99 inc VAT

Reproduction Merchant ChestReproduction Merchant Chest
Reproduction Merchant Chest
Reproduction heavy duty and sanded effect side dresser is complete with 8 drawers and drawer pulls .
£549.99 inc VAT