14th February 2020

BLOG: Paving Grout - A Quick Guide

BLOG: Paving Grout - A Quick Guide

During the past five years products such as EASYjoint and EASYgrout, and similar products  have become more and more popular to use as a grout for internal and external paving. EASYjoint in particular is a labour saving product and very simple to apply using a broom and hose. EASYgrout again is simple to use - just add water to the mix and apply with a suitable grouting tool to compact into the open joints. Furthermore it takes only 1-2 hours to set. Traditional grouting or mortar requires mixing 4 parts sand to 1 part cement and needs to be mixed in small quantities as it goes off very quickly and takes up to 24 hours to set/dry.  Also it is not advisable to walk on the paving for at least 3 days.

Sets Easily

EASYjoint is a natural product and sets very easily on contact with air. It is the original 'sweep in compound' and ideal for both natural stone and concrete slabs. While it is a quick and easy material to work with the right conditions are imperative in order for it to set properly. To use EASYjoint effectively it is important that the paving is laid on a sub base that is either permeable or a free draining site. If the paving is laid on areas where the surface rarely dries out completely EASYjoint will not set. Additionally, while it can be applied in most weather conditions it is advisable not to use in heavy rain or temperatures below 3 centigrade.

Easyjoint can be used on all types of paving including limestone, granite, sandstone and slate. However, when laying Porcelain either use EASYgrout , which is a slurry grout and mixes easily with water or  traditional pointing is also recommended as it really needs a weather repellent grout and not one that is permeable.  EASYjoint is available in 5 colours but as the sand part of the product is a natural element it is important to buy enough EASYjoint in one batch to ensure continuity of colour and avoid variences in shade.

Check your Paving

Check to make sure you don't need to seal the paving before you begin and then you need to wet the surface of the paving and keep the surface wet at all times while applying EASYjoint. It is better if you work in pairs with one of the team sweeping and the other using the hose to spread the material across the surface and into the joints.  One important thing to remember is not to overfill the joint - fill to just below the surface.

Use the hose to make sure no residue is left on the surface of the paving and continue to hose down lightly until the oil like residue is no longer visible in the water. Once EASYjoint has set use a clean broom to sweep the surface clean of any traces of the compound. Remember use plenty of water before, during and after the application.   In dry conditions it should be possible to walk on the paving after 24 hours and within a few days the joints will become very hard. However, do be aware cold and wet conditions will increase the normal setting time and this may take several days.