7th August 2017

BLOG: Bulk Bags

BLOG: Bulk Bags

Did you know that bulk bags have been around since the late 1950's? Made of thick polyethylene they were mostly by oil companies to ship granular products more easily around the world. Today the bulk bag has been ultised to transport any free flowing material such as sand, ballast, decorative aggregates, rockery stones. So, as you can imagine, they are particularly valuable to the hard landscaping industry

Cost Effective

They are a cost effective and versatile method of providing garden materials to the trade landscaping industry in addition to the DIY gardener. Most standard bulk bags hold almost a tonne of materials in the range of weight 700-900 kg and are easily delivered to driveways or pavements. Before the advent of bulk bags anyone wanting garden materials would probabaly have had to hire a suitable vehicle to carry the loose materials which hiked up the cost of landscaping the garden.


 Strong and flexible with no mess - you use the materials straight from the bag. Want to revamp a dark corner in your garden with some decorative stones or gravels? Easy - just order a bulk bag!