23rd March 2018

BLOG: Garden Structures

BLOG: Garden Structures

Garden Structures

Fancy a pergola in the garden this summer? They are definitely in vogue and are popular to not only create a focus point in the garden but also as a frame to grow climbers for shade during the summer months when used to cover paved entertainment areas. Also, pergolas were once very simple structures whereas today they have become increasingly sophisticated and even have slatted roofs and pitched frames so they appear more like a building.

Do you know what type of wood do you think need if you are going to build one for your garden? You can opt for a soft or hardwood and sometimes it really is a matter of preference as the most important factor is whether the wood has been treated. 


What is tannalised wood?

Tannalised wood means the same as pressurised wood and this is a process that forces a chemical perservation, that does not cause any harm to the soil, largely made from copper into the wood to make it more resistant to water penetration and rot and protects it from termites and fungal decay.

By using this type of wood your structure will be more sturdy and have a much longer life. However, this process is not a decorative finish and if you prefer something other than the natural finish you will need to apply that yourself. 

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