29th September 2017

BLOG: Autumn Colour with Conifers

BLOG: Autumn Colour with Conifers

Colourful and Versatile

Conifers are colourful and versatile adding shape and structure to gardens all year round. The foliage ranges from soft golden yellow, steel blue to brongze through to several shades of green. While they ahve all year appeal they are most noticeable in the winter garden. The Thuja occidentalis globular sports foliage that changes from a bright emerald green in the spring to dark green in summer, a bronze tinge in autumn then back to green for the winter. The varieties of Picea or Chamaecyparis have particularly elegant shapes and attractive blue foliage.

Choice of Shapes

Conifers went out of fashion for some years, but now have a new lease of life and there is a definite conifer renaissance in the air! They appeared in several gardens at Chelsea Flower Show this year, which gives them the golden seal of approval. You have a wide choice of shapes including narrow, pyramid,tall, broad, conical, upright, weeping or spreading. Varieties include juniper, cedar, Italian Cypress, pine, thuja, spruce and larch. 

Four Basic Growth Habits

There are four basic growth habits, which are miniature, dawrf,medium and large.

Hedges or Specimen Plants, Ground Cover or Features?

Conifers are the backbone of any garden. Use as stand alone feature trees, for hedges, as structure for the mixture border or ground cover for low mainteanance gardens. Once established they require very little care.