21st January 2019

BLOG: Dry Dry Dry Top Soil

BLOG: Dry Dry Dry Top Soil

Top Soil

Although its January and very often the ground is hard from frosts there will be days when you will be able to add Top Soil  or organic matter to beds, borders and as a top layer for lawns. Autumn and winter when conditions allow is the best time to improve soil cultivation.

Adding Top Soil will not only help to improve the structure soils it will add valuable nutrients. It helps to break down clay soils that are heavy and tend to clump together and which also drains very badly. With sandy soils adding Top Soil or organic matter will help to retain moisture during the drier months.

Dry Dry Dry

Its most important to add dry top soil during the winter and not top soil that is wet as this means it would have lost many of its nourishing properties. A good dry soil will help protect plants and help with root growth. It insulates the earth in your borders and helps to prevent the loss of nutrients over the winter months including vital microbes.

Three Grades 

Use dry Top Soil for improving existing beds, to build new beds as a base for lawns and to create raised vegetable beds. Top Soil  normally comes in three grades: Premium, General Purpose & Economy. Its best to buy the higher quality Top Soil to avoid the problem of weed seedlings in the mixture. The premium grade will contain a higher percentage of nutrients and has a good structure.

New Build Gardens

Just moved into a new build? Some of these gardens hide a multitude of sins under a layer of landscaping soil. Often this layer of soil will disguise rubble and and discarded aggregates. This will not be conducive to growing a lawn or flower beds as the soil structure is incorrect and leads to poor rooting of plants and grass.

What Lies beneath?

With New Build gardens its best to dig out a small area to see what lies beneath. You may find you have to have the whole area dug up and have a good layer of Top Soil put down.