3rd November 2017

BLOG: Stepping Stones

BLOG: Stepping Stones

Stepping Out

Have a lawn that has bare patches with constant traffic? Perhaps a route to the garden shed or a seating area? Its amazing how quickly the grass becomes worn so a simple and inexpensive method to overcome this is to use individual stepping stones. You can create an attractive path, as wide or narrow to suit your outdoor space and a path is a great way to help lead the eye down to the bottom of the garden, thereby giving the illusion that the garden is longer than it is. 

These stones need to lay just below the surface of a lawn so that you can easily mow over them rather than having to go round and then use edging clipper. 

Be adventerous

You can also use to make a walk through through scree gardens or gravel areas. In this case its best to lay them slightly above the gravel surface to avoid the gravel laying on the surface. Ensure you test the distance between the steppiung stones so they are easy to navigate. This stepping stone path does not have to be laid in a straight line. Be a little adventerous and use curves, or even join some stones together to make a pattern.

Available in many colours, shapes and sizes and different materials such as Indian sandstone Cotswold or York stone, there is a great choice making it easy to find a stepping that suits your particular garden or area. You can also purchase 'setts' which are often used as edging stones but can also be placed together to make a garden path that is a little bit different.