26th January 2017

BLOG: Turf Wars

BLOG: Turf Wars

Would you like a lawn that looks great and green all year and what’s more you don’t have to water it? You would? Then we have some great news for you. Have you thought about installing an artificial lawn? While this might not be practical for very large lawns if your lawn is under 20 square metres then it is ideal.

A few years ago nobody would dream of fitting artificial grass in their gardens and until recently, for most of us, the only experience we had of artificial grass was the green baize coverings that greengrocers used as bases for displaying fruit and vegetables.  Artificial grass has come a long way since it became available in the early 60’s when it was generally only used for sport surfaces. Now it is made to look so real it is a good alternative to the real thing. It wears well, it is child and pet friendly, there are no bare patches, no mud, very little maintenance and best of all – no mowing!  

It is porous so rainfall will seep through the backing and it does not fade. Most quality brands have at least a ten-year guarantee and the beauty is you can have a great looking lawn all year round with very little maintenance. Depending on usage, all you need to do is give it a brush with a stiff broom about once a month to keep the pile raised.  Overall, artificial lawns make life much easier and certainly tick all the boxes in smaller urban gardens.