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Chamaerops ExcelsaChamaerops Excelsa
Chamaerops Excelsa
A hardy palm suitable for growing just about anywhere and used in landscape architecture. Shrub-like in appearance with numerous stems growing from the same spot. Plenty of flowers witll transform to bright green fruits, bronw when ripped.
£99.99 inc VAT
Laurus Nobilis Bush 5ltrLaurus Nobilis Bush 5ltr
Laurus Nobilis Bush 5ltr
Pyramidal habit. Can be grown as a standard in tubs. Clips well. Flowers in spring. Evergreen. Full sun or partil shade.
£17.00 inc VAT

Taxus baccata PyramidTaxus baccata Pyramid
Taxus baccata Pyramid
The Yew is a hardy evergreen shrub ideal for hedging or feature planting. Poisonous, red fruits ripen during summer. Tolerates drought and pollution. Full sun or partial shade.
£52.99 inc VAT