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Acer Crimson Sentry 15ltrAcer Crimson Sentry 15ltr
Acer Crimson Sentry 15ltr
Norway maple. Handsome, columnar tree with attractive reddish-purple foliage throughout summer. Up to 6m.
£47.50 inc VAT
Acer Drummondii 15ltr
Acer Drummondii 15ltr
Popular garden tree with striking foliage that has a broad creamy-white margin throughout summer. Up to 6m.
£47.50 inc VAT

Japanese Maple Acer Palm Diss Inaba ShidareJapanese Maple Acer Palm Diss Inaba Shidare
Japanese Maple Acer Palm Diss Inaba Shidare
Japanese maple. A tree with small purple-red leaves turning bright crimson in autumn. Height 2m. Spread 1.5m. Deciduous. Foliage colour red. Hardy. Sheltered site. Back-fill with soil mixed with peat and a suitable fertiliser.
£228.00 inc VAT
Malus Golden HornetMalus Golden Hornet
Malus Golden Hornet
A small deciduous tree with a broad ovoid crown. Has white flowers that are followed by a profuse crop of deep yellow fruits which carry on well into the winter. Full sun or partial shade.
£47.50 inc VAT

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Malus Tschonoskii 12ltr
Small to medium sized deciduous tree with showy flowers in spring and ornamental or edible fruit in autumn. Flowers white from pink buds. The fruit is greenish-yellow tinged ready reaching a size of 2.5cm.
£42.99 inc VAT
Tree Fern 5ft
Tree Fern 5ft
Perennial with fibrous, woody trunk. Prefers sheltered aspect. Can grow up to 6m height 5m spread.
£299.99 inc VAT