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Farmyard Manure Bulk BagFarmyard Manure Bulk Bag
Farmyard Manure Bulk Bag
A farmyard manure that is a nutrient rich soil improver used to improve the vital nutrients available to promote healthy plant growth. Features: Produced from cattle bedding material. Increases your soil's physical structure. Composted in rows for a minimum of 8 weeks. 100% natural product and contains no additives or colouring. Moisture content is in the range of 40 to 60% (green weight basis). 95%...
£44.99 inc VAT
Premium Topsoil Bulk Bag
Premium Topsoil Bulk Bag
Premium topsoil screened to 10mm. Dark, fine, friable and sterilised lime-free topsoil. Ideal for levelling lawns prior to turfing and dressing flower beds. One bulk bag will cover approximately 10-12 sq.m. at a depth of 50mm. Supplied in 0.8 cubic m. bags.
£49.99 inc VAT

Soil Conditioner Bulk Bag
Soil Conditioner Bulk Bag
Our composted green matter soil conditioner will really give your plants a boost as it has been shown to: Improve root growth, improve disease resistance, increase water retention, reduce soil temperatures, increase microbial activity. Lightly fork the conditioner into the surface of the soil or rotovate in for a better effect. Supplied in 0.8 cubic m. bag.
£47.99 inc VAT