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Iron ChandelierIron Chandelier
£35.99 inc VAT
Large Wicker BasketLarge Wicker Basket
£35.99 inc VAT

Medium Wicker BasketMedium Wicker Basket
£23.99 inc VAT
Small Wicker BasketSmall Wicker Basket
£7.99 inc VAT

Suitcase Various SizesSuitcase Various Sizes
£35.99 inc VAT
Vintage Brown TrunkVintage Brown Trunk
£27.99 inc VAT

Vintage Road LampVintage Road Lamp
£35.99 inc VAT
Vintage SprayerVintage Sprayer
£35.99 inc VAT

Vintage Wooden TrunkVintage Wooden Trunk
£44.99 inc VAT
Wicker Picnic BasketWicker Picnic Basket
£11.99 inc VAT

Boy Statue
Boy Statue
Small garden statue of boy with his hands in his pockets.
£50.00 inc VAT

Candle ChandelierCandle Chandelier
Candle Chandelier
Hand crafted French wrought candle lighting chandelier inspired from a bygone era. This period candle lighting of a medieval style features 7 candle holders and is truly unique with exceptional attention to detail, carefully hand finished to have its own unique detailing and appearance. Hung from a hook and chain, this piece will definitely add some dramatic style and drama to your room or garden.
£185.00 inc VAT
Concrete Flower Basket
Concrete Flower Basket
Antique Concrete Flower Basket. Use on a post as a finial or as it is.
£34.99 inc VAT

French Saloon ChairFrench Saloon Chair
French Saloon Chair
Classic French Saloon chair, vintage piece with hard wood frame and regal red upholstery.
£144.00 inc VAT
Hand Cart MediumHand Cart Medium
Hand Cart Medium
This vintage handcart is complete with the original wheels and has been painted to finish. Would make an impressive display as an architectural garden piece
£109.99 inc VAT

Old metal sieve looks great as a display to give your garden a vintage look.
£11.99 inc VAT

Victorian Conservatory TableVictorian Conservatory Table
Victorian Conservatory Table
Antique wrought iron table is sturdy and complete with natural stone table top, it is in original and complete condition with an ‘aged’ look.
£269.00 inc VAT
Victorian WashstandVictorian Washstand
Victorian Washstand
A Vintage dark wood washstand with white marble top and original tiled back and drawers. The tiles are a floral pattern motif in blue on white background. This wash table features ring turned and carved legs. This piece is perfect for a ‘country cottage’ look.
£139.99 inc VAT

Vintage Classic Urn
Vintage Classic Urn
Classic concrete urn naturally weathered.
£39.99 inc VAT
Vintage Hand MowerVintage Hand Mower
Vintage Hand Mower
All original hand mower is a blast from the past and would make an empty corner look stylish and rustic.
£69.99 inc VAT

Vintage PloughVintage Plough
Vintage Plough
This vintage plough with original fixtures and fittings is a fantastic architectural piece for a cottage or farm garden.
£149.99 inc VAT
Vintage PotsVintage Pots
£3.00 inc VAT

Vintage Pots LargeVintage Pots Large
£4.50 inc VAT
Vintage ShuttersVintage Shutters
Vintage Shutters
Two large wooden shutters with original brackets, painted white and very vintage, would make an empty wall look impressive.
£100.00 inc VAT

Wooden Apple CrateWooden Apple Crate
Wooden Apple Crate
P. Carre apple crates made of wood would look great planted or positioned to give your garden a rustic display.
£15.99 inc VAT